Circuit board PCIe BGA fan-out and escape routing

Since all chips are present on PCI or PCIe cards, the placement and routing of these circuit boards seems very complicated. However, PCIe's standardized architecture provides designers with considerable flexibility. A somewhat complicated issue is the PCIe BGA fan-out of the components on these cards.

SMD Welding | Surface Mount Welding Guide

Learn how to solder SMD in this detailed surface mount soldering guide. SMD soldering and desoldering are almost no different from through-hole soldering and desoldering.

SMT placement machine for electronic component placement on circuit board

SMT placement machine-placement process, robot programming, SMD placement and SMT welding technology SMT (Surface Mount Technology) requires several types of equipment. SMT placement machine is the core of surface mount.

Global high-speed SMT equipment market analysis in 2020

The latest report released by IGI provides an analysis of the high-speed SMT equipment market. The report focuses on the market trends, demand range and future prospects of the industry during the forecast period. In addition, the report provides a detailed statistical overview of trends, outlining geographic opportunities and the contributions of major industry share competitors.
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